Episode 006 – “At The Cod Fish Ball (507)”

At The Cod Fish Ball” was a strong return to the elements of Mad Men that we most enjoy: the familiar theme of disappointment, terrific side characters, and whipsmart dialogue.

Peggy takes a step forward in her relationship with Abe, but not the one she hoped for. And Don realizes his accolades aren’t the ticket to success that he envisioned.

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The podcasters in this installment were Brian, Seth, and Jesse.

3 thoughts on “Episode 006 – “At The Cod Fish Ball (507)”

  1. Sara says:

    we know what Megan really wants…next episode

  2. brian says:

    I realized I put up an audio file with some dead audio at the beginning. How embarrassing. The corrected version will be available shortly. Sorry for the goof.

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